The Reality Research Center is a performing arts collective.

Everyone is welcome to our performances and courses and we strive to make them accessible to as many people as possible. We invest in the public’s safety and are happy to receive feedback.

The Office

The Reality Research Centers office is located at the Performance Arts Center (Eskus) in Helsinki, Suvilahti. The facilities of Eskus can be found from the building 6. Puhdistamo. The facilities are owned by Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo.

The office is located on the second floor of the building. There is barrier-free access to the space by elevator.

The office does not have opening hours, but visits must be arranged in advance by email or phone.


Queer Dance Groups financial accessibility:

There are free spots and 50% discount spots available for the spring season. We do not need reasons for applying for these spots, express your interest by e-mail ( We will draw the spots before the groups start.

Personal assistants can join the group for free. Tell us about the assistant’s participation when signing up.

Queer Dance Groups linguistic accessibility:

The languages ​​used in the groups are Finnish and English. If there are other language needs, please be in touch with us (

Facilities accessibility information:

The Reality Research Center operates in the premises of the Performance Arts Center (Eskus) and follows the equality plan of Eskus.

Direct access to the front door of the building by car.

There are parking spaces and bike racks in Suvilahti.

The nearest metro station is Kalasatama, from which it is a 300-meter walk to Eskus.

There is a parking space for cars behind the left corner of the front door (Easypark).

In winter, the area is icy or slippery and can cause difficulties for people who use assistive devices despite the maintenance.

The elevator is on the neighboring staircase, but it is locked. Contact the office beforehand, if access is needed.

The toilets are wheelchair accessible. The second toilet in the lobby is more accessible.

The toilets are gender neutral.

The signs are in Finnish and English.

There are no thresholds in Eskus’ premises.

There are currently no raised chairs.

The kitchen is open to everyone. The upper cabinets are not accessible from a wheelchair.

The size of the doorways is accessible for wheelchairs (min. 80 cm), except for the small toilet in the lobby.

The studios are not soundproofed, so music from other studios might be heard through the walls.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: or +358400641989.